Social skills for autonomous people: Getting questions heard


People tend not to answer me when I ask a question, even if it’s something I need to know. It’s particularly bad with regards to planning or getting background information on what is happening at a given time. What might I be doing that tells…

matchbook-stories said:

I have a tendency to be very vague about my questions because of some misguided desire to avoid imposing on people.

For example I am planning to adopt a pair of feeder rats from work as pets. When I asked my boss, I said something like, “I’d like to have a couple of those rat pups, may I?” He just chuckled.

What I needed to say is, “I’d like to purchase a pair of rat pups as pets, how much would you like me to pay for them?”

realsocialskills said:

Oh, yeah, that. I do that too.