Math without handwriting?

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Do you or your followers know any math programs for people with hand pain? It’s very painful for me to handwrite, but I can’t understand math without doing problems over and over.

I’m not sure what to suggest; hopefully other people who read this will have ideas.

It might depend somewhat on what your goals are. Are you trying to gain a deeper understanding of math? To pass a particular class? To memorize certain calculations? To learn how to use applied math to solve physics problems? The answers might be different.

One thing to look into is using math computing software that calculates complex things. 

(Eg: Mathematica or Sage.) If you want to use applied math for complex things, that will eventually be necessary to use software anyway, and it might be necessary or helpful now if you can’t learn math in the usual way by writing out tons of problems. 

It’s not the same, and you probably couldn’t learn the same aspects of math that you’d learn by doing all of the problems yourself, but you’d learn other things that are worth knowing. (Similarly to how something is lost by using calculators, but something is gained too.)

There are probably other options that are closer to learning math by using paper and pencil, but I don’t know what they are. 

Does anyone else know good options for learning math for people who have hand pain or otherwise can’t readily use paper and pen to work out problems?