medical red flags

Content warning: this post contains graphic descriptions of medical ableism. Proceed with caution.
snouted replied to your post: Anonymous said to realsocialskills: …

Oh man yes and anyone who pushes you with THEIR goals (instead of working w you to push your OWN goals) is bad news.

realsocialskills said:

Yes, and that’s not mental illness specific either. Most conditions of any sort involve choices and tradeoffs.

For instance, if you go to a doctor for help with a functional issue and they keep pushing normalization-oriented surgery unrelated to your actual goals, that’s bad news. (“Here’s how we can make you look more normal” is not a good answer to “I’d like this to stop hurting.”)

If someone ignores your concerns about side effects, that’s also bad news. (Sometimes they will be entirely right that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. But if they’re not listening or respecting you, that’s bad news.)

If someone calls you drug-seeking when you ask for help managing chronic pain, that’s bad news. If they only care about addiction risk and aren’t at all interested in treating your pain, that’s bad news.

If someone pushes something like “quality of life” in order to dissuade you from having treatment that is clearly necessary to your survival, that’s *really* bad news. (This happens to people who need feeding tubes or tracheostomies to survive, among other things.)

Medical treatment involves choices. A doctor who doesn’t think that your choices matter is bad news.