methods for making words come out





Some things that work for some people who sometimes have trouble making words:


  • Sometimes text-based communication works better
  • Sometimes using email or instant messaging or text messaging will make you able to use words when you couldn’t do so with your voice
  • When that doesn’t work, sometimes typing random nonsense or quotes or something can get you into a mode in which you have more words to use


  • Sometimes if you can say any word or phrase, it makes other words start working
  • For instance, saying lines from a book or TV
  • Or, frustratingly, sometimes explaining inability to speak makes it easier to speak
  • If it’s a particular word you can’t find, describing the thing can work


  • Sometimes making sounds that aren’t words works as expressive communication
  • Sometimes making sounds can make words come after


  • Sometimes waving hands can help make words come out
  • Or making gestures of other sorts, like pointing at things

i can almost always type coherently even when i can’t talk worth a damn. on the rare occasions when i can’t type either, keymashing actually sort of works. like there are a bunch of keymashes in the pipe and i have to get them out before words can come through.

there have been times where I completely lost the ability to make anything other than pained/angry animal noises

not even typing helped

all that came out was keymashing and by the time I got all of that out I was no longer able to type either

all I could do was go lay in bed until I passed out from mental exhaustion

surprisingly, when I woke up I had words back again

scary, but I guess the lesson was sometimes my brain just needs a hard reset and no amount of wheedling will fix things quicker

if you give yourself a break before you hit the wall, you get your words back faster. it’s a hard skill to learn, though, because you’re surrounded by people who think language and sensory impairments aren’t real, and push you to push yourself, and only believe you’re in trouble when you break down in humiliating ways. if you let them judge for you, you’re always going to be on the edge of losing functionality, because that’s the only way they acknowlege your limitations.

i’m speaking of a general ‘you’, btw, not you specifically, vj. it seems to be p much universal.

anyway, no amount of ‘educating’ the people around you will get them to be responsible gardeners of your limits and boundaries, so you have to learn to nurture yourself. and that’s hard. because we’re not taught that it’s ok to nurture ourselves or be careful of ourselves. but we need to do it anyway, even if it pisses people off, even if they don’t understand.

think of yourself as being like a fine sports car. you wouldn’t treat it like an offroad truck. you wouldn’t delay oil changes until the engine is smoking. you wouldn’t run the tank empty before gassing up. you wouldn’t wait until the tires are bald before changing them. you do maintenance regularly, and repairs as soon as the slightest problem crops up, because a sports car is a tetchy machine and needs lots of tlc.

and when it gets the right maintenance, it blasts everything else off the road. :D

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