Flapjack State: Assuming we are listening


Often, people write about marginalized groups of people, in ways that make it clear that they’re assuming that we don’t read what they say.

So — whenever you’re writing about a group of people, assume that some members of that group are listening.

Disabled folks, people…

Yeah, we just did this in an art history class I’m taking about Indian art

The guy showed us a video about the Daniells’ “Oriental Scenery” paintings of India

It was clearly produced by and for white non-Indians, it was really obvious

With regard to disability I’ve had this experience personally in every psychology course I’ve ever taken.

We had domestic violence, child abuse, and generational poverty trainings at my job, and they were ALL geared toward middle class white people who had never experienced any kind of violence. It was pretty obnoxious, considering over half of our training group had experienced at least one of the things we were being trained on.

deviance prof this term made the entire class say the r-slur. nobody wanted to but he said “go on, say it” and at least 30 people did.
 could he have done that if he knew there were disabled people in the class? i bet not.

and my friend had to watch the crying game in class :/

our school is rife with this bullshit.