Anonymous said to realsocialskills:
With generic extended release drugs- pay attention to how they affect you. Generic XR meds may be the same base medication, but generic time release binders may release at a different time rate than the nongenerics. This messed my mom up for a long time.

missfadingobsession said:

I’ve copped so much shit from people when I ask for the name brand of my long-release antidepressants at the chemist! One of the generic brands made me dizzy and sleep 16 hours a day so I get the name brand now just in case another one does that.

I’m constantly being told “it’s all in your head!”, “the generic is EXACTLY the same!”, “you’re on a health care card (cheaper prescriptions for low income earners) so you can’t afford to be picky!”. I felt for so long like it must have been psychosomatic because that’s all I was hearing :(

realsocialskills said: The differences between generics and name brands aren’t *usually* important, but for some people they can be dealbreaking. People with unusual reactions matter too.