Social skills for autonomous people: Socially stigmatized people still have to respect boundaries


Here’s something I’ve seen happen among autistic folks. I think it probably happens in other groups too.

  • Someone is subjected to a lot of social violence
  • People don’t want to talk to them because they’re autistic and weird
  • People mock the idea that people like them could ever be a good friend…

Yes, I’ve seen this sort of feeling of entitlement on Wrongplanet before and completely agree with you.

Everyone needs, and in a sense is entitled to, friends.  But that doesn’t mean they’re entitled to have any particular person as a friend. Same goes for romantic relationships.

I was the only friend and girlfriend for a while of a socially stigmatized person.  It didn’t work out.  Eventually, both of us became unhappy with the relationship.  The sad thing was, I had a feeling from the beginning that the relationship might not work, but went ahead with it anyway, because I did like that person and didn’t want to deprive them of the opportunity for a romantic relationship. Yes, there’s that entitlement idea turned on its head, because I was the one acting on it instead of him.