Math without handwriting?



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Do you or your followers know any math programs for people with hand pain? It’s very painful for me to handwrite, but I can’t understand math without doing problems over and over.

I’m not sure what to suggest; hopefully other people who read this…

mr-muppetface said:

I work in the academic resource center of a college, and I’ve helped a student with this very issue.

My first recommendation, on a PC, is Dragon Dictation paired with MathTalk. These two pieces of software have a fair bit of a learning curve and require purchasing, but once you’ve set them up, you can dictate mathematical expressions simply by talking!

If that doesn’t work, MathType (also on PC) allows you to write expressions with your keyboard and an on-screen toolbar.

It’s worth mentioning that neither of these methods, in my experience at least, allows the fluidity and spontaneity of working out problems by hand, since you have to think about what you’re going to say or type before you do so. That’s a real potential disadvantage, and I don’t know of any good ways to circumvent that.

If you’re a student and haven’t done so already, I strongly recommend checking in with your school’s academic support center or related office to see if they can help you out!