how do you tell the difference between when someone is gaslighting you and when you’re doing the distorted thinking thing from anxiety/depression? (for example you KNOW they’re judging you because they’re your parent and you’ve learned what that LOOK means but now…

mulder-are-you-suggesting: said:

This is a really tricky thing to tell the difference between. I was gaslit by several therapists who dismissed a lot of what I said out of hand as “distorted thinking”, even when I presented them with evidence to back it up. And I think that’s what kind of made it clear to me that I was being gaslit: the fact that they wouldn’t try to refute the evidence I presented them with by actually making arguments against it, but that they just dismissed everything out of hand.

realsocialskills said:

That’s a good point. When people refuse to listen to your perspective, they’re probably not people you should trust to evaluate it.