My erratic process of ask-answering

Hi, I was just wondering is there any questions that you delete or ignore? And also how long sometimes do questions take to get answered?
realsocialskills said:
I get a lot more asks than I answer. If I didn’t answer yours, it’s probably not personal. I really appreciate about 90% of the asks I get, but I’m only able to answer some of them:
Basically, this is my process for answering asks:
  • I read my asks whenever I get them
  • Occasionally, not often, I write a response right away
  • More often, I start a vague response and then throw it in my drafts pile to finish (I generally have to work on my answer more than once on more than one day)
  • Even more often, I notice it’s there and read it, but I don’t do anything to start answering it
  • Every now and then I go back through my ask box and try to answer old asks
  • Generally speaking, if I haven’t answered an ask, it’s because I haven’t gotten an answer to stick yet (and may not ever)
  • Or because I’m halfway through answering and it’s taking me a while to learn enough to be able to answer all the way
  • I put responses in the queue when I finish them
  • And then I often rearrange the queue according to mood I’m in that week (sometimes a lot of abuse posts in a row is too much and I decide that day I’d rather post one of the posts about things like dinner parties or crossing the street.)

There are also certain kinds of asks that I usually don’t answer:

  • Asks about highly controversial topics that I don’t think I know much about, and on which I don’t think I’ll be able to responsibly moderate responses from readers
  • Asks where I do think I know an answer, but I’m afraid to give it 
  • Some topics tend to get annoying responses that I don’t usually answer (eg: when I talk about racism, I tend to get annoying asks along the lines of “You’re being racist against white people!”)  
  • Asks from people who are angry at me and and want to tell me why I am wrong, but don’t seem inclined to listen to my response or have a two-way conversation about it. (I am not here to argue; I’m here to talk to people who think that my view is worth hearing)
  • Requests for signal boosting. I don’t usually boost things (although I’m open to rare exceptions for projects that are very clearly on topic).
  • These things are a very small percentage of the asks I get though

tl;dr My process for answering asks is very unpredictable. If I didn’t answer yours, it’s almost certainly not personal, and it’s not unlikely that I’ll get to it eventually. Please continue asking me questions; I really, really appreciate them.