“Nasty woman” shirts probably aren’t allowed in the polls

I wrote a post about why election shirt are usually not allowed into the polling places on election day. 

@knittedintoacorner reblogged and asked:

Do you think this goes for “nasty woman” T shirts?

So, here’s what I think: Shirts that have slogans on them associated with a candidate probably won’t be allowed into the polls either. If the election official at your polling place sees that slogan and recognizes it as associated with one of the candidates, they will most likely ask you to take it off, turn it inside out, or cover it up. They’re somewhat more likely to be allowed than shirts/buttons with a candidate’s actual name on them, but I’d still be prepared to cover them up.

So if you want to wear a shirt that says something like “nasty woman”, “I’m with her”, “Stronger Together”, “Make America great again”, “drain the swamp” or whatever else, be prepared to cover it up when you’re in the actual polls. If the slogan on your shirt makes it obvious who you are voting for (or against), wearing it inside the polls is likely to be interpreted as campaigning.