Regarding my last post (which was not as thought out as I wanted it to be; I meant to put it in the draft box and accidentally hit publish):

I did not mean to imply that passing to mental health and medical professionals is always a good idea. Sometimes it’s a really bad idea, especially when you do it kind of automatically and it prevents you from getting help that you need. (Been there and done that, and trying to stop doing that.)

And *double* especially when you do it because you’ve been trained to be in denial about your problems and never seek out help.

Passing is not something to do all the time. It’s something to do in situations in which you are confronted with powerful bigots whose could cause you serious problems if they notice you’re a member of a group they’re bigoted against. Or in a situation in which your mental health or disability is actually irrelevant, but will become the focus of their attention if they notice it.

Both types of situation exist, and misreading a situation in either direction is dangerous.