is there something wrong with me if i’m a neurodivergent person who has never really identified much with villains? it seems like in my experience a lot of neuroatypical people do relate more to villainous characters, for the reasons you…

neurodiversitysci said:

OMG, why are we oppressing ourselves by letting strangers on the internet decide what we should and shouldn’t like and how we should and shouldn’t define our own brains? Don’t we have enough problems already?  Here on Tumblr we can escape from neurotypical people trying to define us and finally be free to define who we are ourselves. Why replace those neurotypicals with another group of strangers trying to define us?

Anonymous, there are a million and one ways to be neurodivergent because there are a million and one ways to have an atypical brain. We can be even more different from each other than we are from a neurotypical person (and that’s amazing!).  Pretty much every neurodivergent person you meet will be different from you in some way.  More importantly, you are a person and you have the right to be who you are and like what you like.  Go be your awesome self and don’t let random internet haters…or anyone else…stand in your way.

realsocialskills said:

I think what you’re saying blames the victims a bit. I sympathize with the original poster, a lot. I don’t think the mistake they’re making is their fault.

It’s not just random haters. It’s also people who are like “we are like you”, and then insist that you have to like or dislike certain things.

It’s not random internet haters. It’s a culture. That people who are sincerely trying to do the right thing get led astray by. It’s an easy mistake to make. People who fall into that trap deserve sympathy and help getting out.