Social skills for autonomous people: Note for people on diets


I’ve noticed that often, people who diet assume that everyone else around them either is or should be dieting. This can cause problems when they are responsible for feeding others.

Some examples:

  • If someone is planning a conference and all the food they make available is low-calorie
  • If someone…

nightshadequeen said:

I’ve seen it go in the opposite direction too.

When I’m stressed out, the types of things I “can” eat will drop dramatically. When all that’s available is “unhealthy” food, I literally can’t eat.

This is not a problem in the real world usually, since I’ll just skip a meal and grab something I can eat later, but if that isn’t an option….well…

[the quotes are because I recognize that I’m being illogical and most of the foods I deem “unhealthy” are probably perfectly fine, but that doesn’t mean I can eat them!]

So…yeah, having a variety of food for everyone is probably a good idea.