Social skills for autonomous people: When food is too hard


Content warning: This post is my reply to someone who reblogged calling some of my low-spoons food strategies lazy and unhealthy. Some of y’all might be better off skipping this one.



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nimbusdx said:

As someone who has been severely depressed, I can assure this person that using a blender (!?!?!) is WAY WAY WAY out of the question. When my depression was at it’s worst, I had to have a friend call me throughout the day and convince me to eat. At that time, even making a TV dinner was too many steps for me to handle.

I actually did eat a lot of yogurt with honey though. There isn’t any snack much easier to prepare than a cup of yogurt. You just peel the lid off and go. I ate a lot of applesauce cups too. You don’t even need use a spoon. You can literally just pour it into your mouth.

Also, if the honey is in a squeeze bottle like mine is, there is no complicated cleanup required. It’s actually a really convenient way to to plain foods like yogurt cups or applesauce cups a little more palatable without needing to use a spoon, knife, or fork.