not a date

Anonymous said to :

I have a coworker who enjoys many of the same things I do, like superhero movies. They’re male and I’m female. How do I ask them to go see the next superhero movie with me and make it not seem like a date? I’m romantically involved already and I don’t want there to be confusion, but there’s nobody else to invite to make it a group thing.

realsocialskills said:

You could say explicitly that it’s not a date. I feel like that’s awkward and probably not what people usually do, though. (Not sure why; it seems like it should be the default way of handling this, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t.)

I think it might work to mention your partner. Maybe along these lines?:

  • “Hey, that new superhero movie is coming out, and my partner hates those. You want to go see it?”

Anyone else want to weigh in? How do you make it clear that something isn’t a date?