note to fellow feminists



We need to stop assuming that women who are nonfeminist or antifeminist are just stupid and brainwashed by men.

They are women who disagree with us.

Feminism ought to be about respecting women. Not just women who agree with us. Feminist attitudes towards women who disagree with us can get really sexist and belittling really fast, and that’s not ok.

We don’t have to agree with everything other women believe; we don’t have to respect every opinion just because it’s held by a woman.

But we do need to respect other women as people who have opinions and think for themselves. They are not patriarchy objects. They are *people*. People who have beliefs and opinions. Even when they are wrong.

snow-anne said:

Well said. Plus, some women want patriarchy gone as much as any feminist, but don’t feel welcome in feminism because it only serves certain kinds of women.

realsocialskills said:

That’s true too. And if you’re dismissive of women who don’t identify as feminist and assume that they don’t think for themselves, it becomes damn hard to hear the women who have really good reasons for that.