Noticing manipulation






Thinking and being coerced into thinking you need something or something is for your benefit is an easy trap to fall into. I’ve fallen into it so many times. So how do you avoid that?

Lay low and trust nothing.  This goes out to josiahd, too.

That’s pretty much how I’m operating. I just don’t know how people can ever expect us to be super discerning. I am the most gullible person in my group of friends and have always been.

I have to trust something, though. Because I can’t deal with this on my own, anymore.

So I need to figure out what to look out for.

Any time that someone else is disproportionately invested in convincing you that you need something, it is for their own purposes and not yours.  Do not trust.  Run away.

Even if you can’t see how it would affect them.  Especially if you can’t see how it would affect them.  It doesn’t matter what the thing is.  It doesn’t matter how much it might actually be in your best interests.  If someone else’s level of interest in getting you to do something is, like, too high…and you can’t see why, that is all you need to know.

Wow. Yes, this is true and really important.