Social skills for autonomous people: A suggestion for doctors



A lot of people have trouble talking to doctors. A lot of people have trouble raising concerns unless they’re explicitly invited to do so.

It can be helpful to ask at the end of a conversation something like “is there anything else you wanted to talk…

Sorry, that was a vague knee-jerk response. To me this would mean doctors aught to do several things.

1. Understand white coat anxiety, don’t take it personally/shame patients for not being perfectly comfortable in a medical setting (even if they are frequently in one), and take into account that some people are hella PTSD-ing re: blood pressure, heart rate, etc.
2. Know that some medical procedures are going to hurt and frighten people even if they seem quick and easy. Believe patients when they self-advocate on this level, respect boundaries, allow for reasonable accommodations.
3. Please keep in mind that people are generally at the doctors because they are uncomfortable and feel bad. This is not a good or fun experience; incorporate that into their bedside manner.
4. Always worth a reminder: don’t blame everything on weight or suggest weight loss as a cure unless literally every other option has been utilized without success. Be conscientious of how they talk about their patients’ bodies.

There’s probably lots more to be said on this topic but those are the main ideas.