Thoughts on noticing disability experiences


saturniidaenightfever replied to your post“Anonymous asked realsocialskills: I’m physically disabled, and it…”
As an able bodied person, I am never certain when/if it’s appropriate to bring it up. I don’t want to belittle disabled persons, but…

onceuponatumbl said:

This is something that was really difficult for me when I first started working with adults with disabilities. Especially acknowledging the person’s disability or their equipment. It’s silly that people (myself included) try so hard to treat people with disabilities the way they would treat people without, that they fly past normal and end up in Awkwardly-Ignoring Town. It took me an embarrassingly long time to even feel normal/comfortable reminding a client to bring along her cane. A cane. It’s a stick! We can all see it, there’s no reason to pretend it’s not there.

Also, I’m hyper-aware of how matter-of-fact I am when assisting my clients in public places. I don’t really know why that is. I’m usually fairly matter-of-fact because my job is to help them do things, but in public I’m much more aware of my own behavior. Maybe I’m just being mindful that I could be setting an example or something?

Whatever. My point is this post is awesome and something that I’ve been trying to remember in my life for a few months.