Question for y'all about accessibility



Question from someone able-bodied but socially awkward, regarding “Places you might be in the way”- do you have any advice for the situation where all the bathroom stalls are occupied and there’s a line, and when you’re at the head of the line, the next stall to open is the big one? I’m a little worried that shouting “Does anyone need the accessible stall?” might make someone with an invisible disability too embarrassed to speak up, but I’m not sure how else to phrase it.
I don’t know a good answer to this, but it occurs to me that some of y’all might.
Any readers with invisible disabilities want to weigh in on whether this would be welcome?

This is just my perspective as someone with an invisible disability who only sometimes needs the big stall. 

1. I will gladly wait in line. If you’re next and the only open stall is the big one, just go for it.

2. If I am next in line but need the big stall, I have no problem waiting for it and letting people behind me go use other stalls as they become available.

I would be embarrassed to speak up if someone asked if anyone needed the accessible stall. I would not be embarrassed to tell people I was waiting for it to be open if I was next in line. 

It is probably safe to assume that most people will feel the same way. So don’t worry about it. The only time I can foresee someone using that stall when they don’t need it becoming a problem is when there are clearly other stalls open.