recreational anger




Sometimes it is fun to be angry.

Sometimes it is satisfying. Sometimes it fuels creativity.

And sometimes we get angry on purpose, for the sake of being angry.

We go out and look at angry-making things. To get angry. 

It’s ok to do that, up to a point. Because it can be useful, and it can also be an effective way of coping with some of the awful things in the world. (Seeking it out on purpose and dealing with it on your terms can be better than waiting for it to come to you.)

But it’s important to know when you’re seeking out angry-things and not to make an anger-centered world view.

There is a lot to be angry about. A lot a lot a lot. And it’s good to know that. But don’t make the rest of the world disappear, because there’s a lot of good too.

And when you’re doing recreational anger, don’t direct your anger at people who don’t deserve it. It’s ok to get really angry on purpose, but it’s not ok to vent it on someone who innocently used a problematic word after you just read a bunch of horrible articles to make yourself angry.

Make space for anger. Use anger. Use your powers of anger for good. But don’t let it take up all the space.

i find being angry exhausting. it uses up all my spoons in a real hurry. unfortunately, a lot of people on tumblr love being angry, and can’t go a single day without reblogging a story about people being horrible to each other, or some drama thread where people are raging and being douches. and i feel angry when i see that stuff, even if i don’t want to be angry, and then i’m tired. and i feel kinda violated because they made me feel things i didn’t want to feel.

you know how the song goes ‘anger is an energy’? not for me anymore. idk where it went. i used to do the angry activist thing. now it just feels like this

(realsocialskills edit: gif of kitten failing in an attempt to run up a slide redacted because I couldn’t figure out if it needed to be tagged with a warning or not.)

Yeah, I grew up in a space where I didn’t get a choice about being angry (which I’d rather not get into here), which left me with a brain wired to seek out the moods/emotions of others and mirror them. The more harmful the ‘better’.

Which is bullshit.

It’s draining, it’s exhausting, and it’s damaging in more ways than one. And that was the point in training me to be that way.

Which is one of the reasons I’m so grateful for my therapist. They’ve helped me start to see the self-destructive patterns I was effectively programmed with and to shut those patterns down.

I have plenty of reasons to be angry in my own right without seeking further sources. And, slowly, I’m learning to scroll by and/or walk away from my computer when those other sources show up where I can see them.

So, yes, anger can be a good outlet and a good source of energy. But only under certain kinds of circumstances. So if you find yourself getting angry and not getting anything out of it, it’s probably time to consider whether that situation is one where getting angry is appropriate for you.