Respectful language as a nondisabled person

tiraspark replied to your post “person first language?”
I also think it’s very different for a disabled person to use these terms interchangeably than it would be for an abled person. You get to make that decision for yourself because you’re a part of the group so to speak?

realsocialskills said:

I don’t think so, actually. Nondisabled people have to use some form of language to refer to us. 

There’s not really much neutral terminology, and there isn’t a broad cross-disability consensus about which language is better. Even within disability groups, this issue is often contentious.

Nondisabled people have to call us something when referring to us, and I think that they could do worse than using both terms interchangeably. 

This article by an SLP, “Would you accept this behavior toward a non-autistic child?” is a piece that I think uses both terms in a clearly respectful way.