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I dunno so much about Ask a Manager, it comes off to me like a lot of the advice is to accept micro-aggressions and boundary-pushing from your higher-ups, because “right or wrong” that’s what corporate culture dictates
realsocialskills said:
I don’t think she’s necessarily wrong about that, though. Part of what being marginalized means is that you’re not always in a position to defend your boundaries, and sometimes you have to put up with microaggressions. 
I find it helpful to know where the lines are of where the lines are of what’s considered professional. It doesn’t mean that I always follow her ideas; I don’t. I do end up tolerating a lot of injustice, because I’m often not in a position to refuse. Ask a Manager helps me to figure out where I do and don’t have the power to say no to things without compromising my employability, and I think that’s helpful.