A way you might be inadvertently sounding dismissive


Neutral-ish words like “Uh huh”, “ok”, and “sure” can sometimes sound like they mean “this is boring and I want you to stop talking about it”.

For example:

  • Matilda: My cat just had kittens! They are adorable!
  • Shira: Uh huh

This could sound to Matilda like Shira means “I’m annoyed that you’re…

sabrinix said:

a physical way to show that you’re interested is to lean towards the person you’re talking to slightly

tone helps, if you can do it. adding a exclamation point or question mark helps to show interest.

also some other neutral-ish words that can come off as bored/sarcastic

  • really?
  • cool
  • that’s nice

some phrases i often use in small talk (depends a lot on topic)

  • hadn’t heard about that
  • did they/he/she/ect ?
  • did not know that
  • that’s too bad
  • that’s glad/sad/happy/great/unfortunate/ect to hear!