body positive zone: Don’t take the accessible seats if you don’t need them


A lot of places have a few designated accessible seats, for instance:

  • Movie theaters will often have some seats next to wheelchair seating areas.
  • Bathrooms often have one accessible stall and several more inaccessible stalls
  • Busses usually have designated seating near…

saturdaycartoon said:


I saw a fully able bodied woman pull out of the only accessible parking spot at Starbucks today in her big ass SUV. I almost lost my shit. If you ever think you’re that important, turn your self around, go back home and think about your life.¬†

realsocialskills said:

It’s not a good idea to lose your shit on someone because they look like they’re using access features they don’t need.

Not everyone who needs accessible parking looks disabled in any way that’s ever shown in the media.

And disabled folks who’re perceived as faking it are subjected to a lot of violence.

Don’t be part of the problem.