lacommunarde answered your question “Trick or treat ettiquite in the US”

How do you do Halloween etiquette with apartments? I don’t want to put out a bowl of candy and have it end of all over my hall.

realsocialskills said:

If you want to opt out entirely, you can turn your hall light…

scattered-minutiae said:

I’ve put out an unsupervised bowl of a candy a few times while taking my daughter trick or treating. Surprisingly I’ve never come home to a mess or an empty bowl. It seems like most kids really do take one or two pieces like the sign requested. I will note that this was done during the earlier part of the evening when it was mostly younger kids being taken door to door by parents.

But even most of the older kids are pretty respectful, I think. One year I opened the door to some teens in masks who were acting scary, making noises etc., and when they saw my genuinely frightened reaction (I was home alone with a young child and it was late in the evening) they immediately apologized and some took off their masks.