Searching for Knowledge: Don't take the accessible seats if you don't need them



A lot of places have a few designated accessible seats, for instance:

  • Movie theaters will often have some seats next to wheelchair seating areas.
  • Bathrooms often have one accessible stall and several more inaccessible stalls
  • Busses usually have designated seating near…

whiitiestwhiitegiirl said:

Argh ^This but also don’t assume that just because the person doesn’t have a wheelchair that there’s nothing wrong with them. Iv been yelled at so many times for sitting in those seats on the bus, by people that didn’t even want/need the seat, because Im young and they think that I cant possibly have anything wrong. Its just so upsetting and unnecessary for all involved. People need to start thinking more about how their actions affect those around them :)

realsocialskills said:

This. You can’t tell by looking who needs the seats. You only know whether *you* need them. Harassing people in the seats is just as much of an access barrier as sitting in them.