Selling textbooks



Do you have any advice for selling things? There is a Facebook page for my univeresity where you can post textbooks you want to sell and prices, and people message you. I especially am having problems arranging times and places to exchange, & with saying “no” if they want to pay me lower than we agreed on. Do you have any tips? Thank you!
realsocialskills said:
I’ve never sold things that way, because the logistics always seemed completely overwhelming. So unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of advice about how to arrange it.
I’m wondering if you might have better luck selling textbooks on On, it’s a standardized procedure, the payment system makes it harder to pressure you into reducing the price, and you mail the books so you don’t have to make complicated meetup plans. In addition, a lot of people are looking on, so it might be easier to find buyers.
Do any of y’all have suggestions about selling textbooks?

lorentztransformation said:

The one big problem I can see with using a website such as is that there are lots of buyers, but there are often lots of sellers as well, which drives down the price. People tend to pay more face to face because of the convenience. Yeah, they can get that book for only $25 online, but they have to wait two weeks, so they’ll take your book for $50 now.

One of the biggest things that I’ve noticed when purchasing books face to face is that many people will bring someone they know with them. This is both safer and makes it harder for someone to try and renegotiate on the spot.

Maybe it’s possible to make a deal with a friend/fellow student to be each other’s buying buddy, where you discuss the details beforehand (price especially) so they can back you up should the person attempt to lower the price. If you don’t know someone who would appreciate back up, you can always just offer to buy/cook them lunch if you have the resources, although a lot of people will be happy to help without expecting anything in return if you explain why.

As for arranging times, I think it’s best to plan on only arranging meet ups for certain times (say, Saturdays 3 to 6 and Thursdays 12 to 2 or something). This is especially helpful if you’re planning on bringing a friend, as you two can figure out when you’re both free of regular obligations (class, work, religious/extra curric, etc) and would be able to meet on short notice.

realsocialskills said:

Have any of y'all used this method successfully?