some replies about comfort in a new flat


dohegotthebunty said:Humidity level can be another sneaky discomfort

destroy-harime-nui said: If you had pictures or art you had displayed in your old apartment, put them up again! I’ve moved from dorm to dorm these past few years and I use my posters and art to make the room feel…

sissacraft said:

The first things I tend to do when I move in to a new space are to paint any new furniture I can to make it very visually mine distinctly mine. (I have a love of really bright goglors that they dont usually sell furniture in). I also put up all of my decorations as quickly as possible, sometimes even before the furniture is ready. the basic thing is to fill the space as much as I can with things that are visually MINE, which for me means covering as much of walls with as much vivid color as I can.

Also, for me getting the floor plan of the new place before I move and plotting out how to arrange every thing and how  want it to be really helps me transfer my home feelings to the new space.