Social skills for autonomous people: Don’t take the accessible seats if you don’t need them




A lot of places have a few designated accessible seats, for instance:

  • Movie theaters will often have some seats next to wheelchair seating areas.
  • Bathrooms often have one accessible stall and several more inaccessible…

slashmarks said:

I have balance problems stemming from dissociation and depersonalization. I don’t always have problems when standing on buses, but especially if a bus is crowded I tend to end up falling into people and hitting things. Do you think it’s alright for me to take accessible seats, given that sometimes I can stand safely? (I can’t really predict when I will and won’t be able to with any great accuracy if I’m not already having problems.)

realsocialskills said:

That’s a completely legitimate reason to sit in the accessible seats (although you should avoid them if other seats are available unless the accessible seats are somehow safer for you). Unreliable balance is a disability and a safety issue on busses.