snouted replied to your post “Telling your story without being a self-narrating zoo exhibit”

I’ve tried saying ‘Well, what are you curious about’ to kind of buy myself time and figure out where they’re coming from. I’ve also said stuff like 'I’m not comfortable answering that, is there anything else you’d like to know?’.

realsocialskills said:

That can work. I think it is generally more effective though, if you say “I’m not comfortable answering that” and then say something you *do* want to answer.


  • Them: How do you go to the bathroom?
  • You: That’s awfully personal. I’m in school now studying accessible architecture. 

or just not acknowledging the question at all:

  • Them: What most upset you about the way your disability caused you to be alienated from your peers?
  • You: As a child, I liked flowers and cats.