Social skills for autonomous people: A note: These are not rules



I think I might be hurting people with this blog, in the same way that social skills talk usually hurts people.

In part because I just came across this post on Ballastexistenz (I was googling for something I remembered seeing about the spoon theory), which describes something really destructive…

I think you’re doing okay here.  I mean, when I saw that comment on the hair post, my first thought was that I thought you’d made it pretty clear that you were just giving some very general guidelines to deal with a topic that is very touchy and variable in a lot of ways, and explaining some of the reasons why it’s a touchy and variable subject.  I think for that sort of thing it’s probably a lot more useful to give that sort of advice rather than trying to cover every possible instance of the topic, especially since there’ll probably be some you wouldn’t think of.  Of course, I’m not autistic (just very socially low-functioning), so possibly I’m not the right person to ask anyway.

This isn’t an autism blog, and it’s not directed specifically at autistic people. It’s just that I have a certain perspective, is all.

It’s a how-stuff-works and stuff-worth-knowing-about-how-to-treat-people blog.