Social skills for autonomous people: "The last bigotry"



People often say things like this:

  • x is the last socially acceptable form of bigotry
  • y is the only form of prejudice that people who like to think of themselves as liberal are still proud of
  • No one would think that was ok if it happened to group z!

Here is a short list of things people often…

Another phenomenon which I think may be related is when people describe one oppression or another as the first bigotry, or the one that is the source of all other oppressions.  I’ve seen it used more than once to dismiss other people’s suffering and marginalization- if their oppression is merely a byproduct of your oppression, these people’s logic goes, then addressing other oppressive structures is a waste of time that could have been spent focusing on the Real Problem.

I have absolutely no idea how to engage with people who think like this.

Me neither. That kind of thinking really scares me.