some replies about atypical ways some people show pain

monsterquill replied to your post“A question about pain”
often i either make a face but stay completely silent, or say “ow” but my
face stays completely blank.
also when I was a little kid, my siblings were sick and my mom was taking care of them, but later it turned out i was the sickest of all and had to go to the hospital, and she hadn’t known bc unlike my siblings I hadn’t shown any sign of distress.

ipsticklizbienne replied to your post“A question about pain”

i honestly never thought about this and that’s weird i’ve always just added more pain (?) to my leg especially so when i chose to take it away the natural pain seemed less intense but i also just stop talking
aura218 replied to your post“A question about pain”
I don’t think I do show pain. My mother always said “you don’t act sick when you’re sick.” As an adult, I’ve had doctors blow off my symptoms b/c I don’t act sick or hurt.
kinthulou replied to your post“A question about pain”
Self-diagnoses autie with fibromyalgia here: I usually show pain by moving less. I’ll stop bouncing and swaying and doing a lot of things and move slower. I’ll also talk less, but usually remain cheery. People just think I’m less excitable or tired.
dohegotthebunty replied to your post“A question about pain”
i knew a little girl who was always pretty energetic and in-your-face so everyone assumed it would be really obvious if she was hurt but she clammed up when she broke her arm and no one realized for a couple hours
im-significant replied to your post“A question about pain”
I get very short-tempered and want to be left alone. I may react to light, sound, touch, etc by flinching, freezing, or sometimes lashing out. My verbal skills also get worse when I am in pain, so asking me what’s wrong/trying to help often makes it worse
chavisory replied to your post“A question about pain”
I can get really quiet, or really snappish and cranky.
ragingpeacock replied to your post“A question about pain”
I dunno if it is unusual, but I tend to get irritated/overemotional. i also hug myself. i feel like i show pain more obviously than most people. or maybe I’m just in pain more often. oh yeah just remembered sometimes I grab at my hair and clothing
skelletonclique replied to your post“A question about pain”
I’m not disabled, but a disabled friend of mine shows pain by covering their ears and/or freezing a lot of the time.