Some uses of tumblr tags



Tumblr tags do several things:

Put something in the tags that people track, to make posts easier to find:

  • Posts only show up in the tags if they’re original posts, not reblogs
  • Eg:
  • #actuallyautistic is a tag for autistic people that makes it easier to find stuff written by other autistic people
  • #SpongeBob contains posts about SpongeBob
  • Generally speaking, fandom tags are used by fans of something to talk about that thing. It’s considered rude to tag something with a fandom tag just to talk about how much you hate that particular thing.

Categorize blog posts on one’s own blog to make them easier to find

  • This is a reason that tagging reblogs makes sense even though they won’t show up in the tags.
  • It makes it easier to find your own post on a topic, or for others to find your posts

Tell people what kinds of responses are welcome

  • eg: #no reblogs
  • #women may reblog this
  • #please don’t read this if you know me in person
  • #reblogs and likes will be taken as support

Alert someone that a post is being directed to them

  • Most tumblr users who make text posts track their own tag
  • So if you tag an original post with their url, they will see it
  • (This is perhaps somewhat obsolete now that mentions show up in notifications, but a lot of people still do it)

Communicate parenthetically:

  • If you want to say something, but don’t necessarily want it to show up attributed to you in reblogs, this can be a good way
  • or if it’s just cluttery and not your main point
  • For instance:
  • If you want to reblog a popular cat picture:
  • #best thing EVER, #so many cats, #pretty cat is pretty, #I wish I still had a cat, #maybe someday

Allow people to use xkit or Tumblr Savior to avoid seeing certain types of posts:

  • This is particularly useful for image posts
  • Not everyone wants to see pictures of snakes striking
  • Not everyone wants to see pictures of graphic violence
  • Tagging your pictures with accurate labels makes it easier for people to avoid pictures they don’t want to see
  • People also use this for trigger warnings on text posts in a way that I do not fully understand

alwaysatrombonist said:

I’ll try to give an explanation and some examples of the way that people use trigger warnings for text posts, as I understand them. This is how I understand it, and other people have different ways of understanding it.

Note that the example that i will use a lot is “gun violence”. While I won’t be talking about any specific incidents, I’ll use different synonyms of the word as examples of tagging. Other examples that pop up are “Islamophobia” and “menstruation”, just so nobody is caught off guard by those examples.

This is under a Read More because of length.

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realsocialskills said:

I understand why tagging stuff matters because Tumblr Savior and such can block based on tags.

What I don’t understand is what adding “tw” or “CW” to the tag does.

Like, why is “abuse TW” more useful than just tagging something “abuse”?