Something you should know about power

People lie about power.

People who want to control other people trick them into submitting.

They tell you that you have to do what they say. They phrase things so that it’s hard to conceive of no as a possible answer. They lie to you and they confuse you until you don’t know what’s wrong.

When you’re dealing with a person like this, it is almost always possible to cooperate less than they want you to. Maybe not by much. Some people have *nearly* as much invasive power as they think they do.

Many people have way more power over others than anyone should ever have. And one reason that they can trick people is that the consequences of misjudging what they have the power to do can be dire.

But if someone’s abusing the power they actually have, they generally are also trying to trick you into giving them power they can’t otherwise enforce. And even if it’s not worth the risk of testing this, being aware of it as a thing can still help.