do you know of any resources for art things for disabled or poor folks? (poor because lack of resources to get a hold of most comercially sold art supplies, disabled because I have Things I Don’t Have a Name For that make it hard for me to do art things, like consistent stiffness or aching in my limbs and hands and difficulties focusing or learning from traditional art books and tutorials). not sure if this is the place to ask, so sorry if it’s not!

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sqbr said:

Personally I really like digital art, specifically the ability to undo mistakes, zoom in for detail, and have multiple layers. Also once you’re set up you don’t have to keep buying supplies. It’s not as easy without a graphics tablet, and those can be pricey (there may be cheap options? I’m no longer poor so bought something mid range), but mouse drawn art can still look good and there’s lots of decent free art programs out there. I like Fire Alpaca for Mac, there’s a lot more on Windows. GIMP has some fun functions like spirals. 

Back before I had the money for a tablet I did a lot of art on printer paper with pencils and black markers, which can be bought in the supermarket pretty cheap and still look good. Soft pencils like 2B or higher allow for easy lines with minimal hand pressure. I like mechanical pencils since then I don’t have to sharpen them.

As for stuff which isn’t too hard: just drawing what’s in front of you is great practice and doesn’t need any tutorials. Pretty photos can also be good inspiration, when I’m bored in doctors’ surgeries I sketch people from magazines.

Also, there’s colouring books for adults: http://nicolelorenz.com/coloringbooks/

Dollmakers and character generators can be a fun way to create the characters in your head without having to draw all the details.