I can’t stress enough how important it is that you surround yourself with supportive people who make you feel important and special, and who enhance your life with their presence. If their presence is making you feel worse instead of better, re-evaluate why you’re letting them stay.

squareroot-1 said:

This is definitely very good and important advice. However, I feel like it’s important to add that for some people in some situations, this is like telling someone who can’t figure out where to get food that it is very important to eat wholesome and nutritious things - recognizing something as significant and needed is important, but also we need a much better infrastructure so that more people have access to this.

realsocialskills said:

Yes, this.

Sometimes, “why you’re letting them stay” is along the lines of:

  • You’re currently dependent on them for survival (eg: if you’re disabled and they’re providing you with care you need to survive, and you don’t have access to someone better)
  • They’re powerful and likely to retaliate against you professionally
  • You’re a minor and can’t legally get away from them
  • You’re court-ordered to spend time with them
  • You’re afraid of violence if you leave them
  • You’re really confused and it’s taking you a while to sort out what you think of them and what your options are

And also, even when you can’t leave, you can still take steps to protect yourself. I wrote a post a while ago that talks about some things you can do.