Substitutes for picking



#tw body horror and self harm Hi, do you have any idea how I can stop myself from picking at my skin when stressed (esp. when social interaction of any kind happens)? I hurt my foot soles because I try to pick the dead skin and tear into the living skin…I also pick at comedones obsessively. How can I stop?
realsocialskills said:
I’ve found that certain stim toys work for me as a substitute for picking.
The thing that I’ve found works most reliably are neodium magnets like Neoballs. They aren’t safe to use if you might put them in your mouth or nose (because if you swallow or inhale them they can kill you), but if you can keep them just in your hands they’re awesome.
Manipulating them feels kind of similar to picking. Similar enough to work as a substitute, for me, most of the time.
What works for y’all?

afleshjackforblainecharitydrive said:

omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) work wonders in stopping compulsive hair plucking—I’m not sure if that’s similar enough to your condition but it’s worth a try right?

Rx Omega-3 Factors by Natural Factors is a good quality brand at a reasonable price. (I’m not getting any money for saying that! Just personal experience.)

realsocialskills said:

I haven’t heard of that. How does fish oil help with hair-plucking?