Social skills for autonomous people: On names



Some people have names that other people joke about a lot.

For instance, if you have the same name as a famous celebrity.

Or the same unusual last name.

Or a vaguely similar last name.

Or a name that sounds like a pun.

Or a name that’s sort of similar to a swear. Or a word that sounds like a…

chavisory said:

I have a last name that’s easy to joke about.  There are about two major jokes that it’s possible to make about my name, both involving movie characters.  And it’s fine, I don’t mind (though I agree that generally, you should probably stay away from joking about the names of people you don’t know well).

Just don’t expect me to react as if you’re being creative and original.

There are two jokes to make about my name.  And everyone makes them.

Trust me, I have heard it before.

realsocialskills said:

Yes, this. I don’t think most people find this seriously offensive. It’s just annoying, especially if people expect you to find it clever.