black friday

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I work retail, and I know that at our store, at least, there’s usually a lull during dinnertime, or about 5–6:30 pm. All the “big ticket” items will likely be gone, but things like movies, towels, clothes will probably still be around to an extent.

what stores (if any) don’t participate in black friday sales? in other words, what sorts of places is it safe to go without being mobbed?

realsocialskills said:

I don’t know if there are any stores that don’t participate at all. Gas stations and convenience stores are less likely to participate than most other stores. Grocery stores and small pharmacies are also less likely to participate. 

I think that most of the extreme stuff happens fairly early in the day though. 

The basic way Black Friday works is:

  • Stores advertise deep discounts on a popular thing
  • There are only a few of that thing actually available.
  • Lots of people want the thing, so they show up at the store very early in the day to try and buy the thing
  • Chaos ensues because a lot of people are there, and most of them aren’t going to get the thing they want most
  • A lot of people buy a lot of other things

This really extreme part happens early in the day, before they run out of the deeply discounted items. Stores stay crowded with shoppers all day, and that doesn’t entirely go away until after Christmas, but they’re not quite as intense or scary once the limited discounts have run out.


Black Friday is coming up, so here’s a reminder to everyone to be kind to retail workers. They do not control the stock, so don’t yell at them if that doorbuster you were after sold out before you got there. A lot of them had to come into work right after Thanksgiving dinner (especially now that stores are opening on Thanksgiving evening/midnight Black Friday). A lot of them also have anxiety issues, but can’t avoid the crowd and the stress that comes with working/attending Black Friday without risking the loss of their job. And a whole lot of them have to do this for minimum wage.

Every year there are injuries and even fatalities that result from the mob-mentality of Black Friday shoppers. Please do not make it any harder on the employees or your fellow shoppers. A person’s life and well-being is far more valuable than a widescreen tv.