blocking policy

A message to readers who are Trump supporters

I think you have made a terrible mistake with your vote — and you are still very much welcome here. There are no prerequisites for reading my blog, and I welcome people who disagree with me even about matters of life and death importance. 

Just so you know what to expect:

Most of my posts will remain fairly nonpartisan. (Although many will be controversial in other ways, as usual).

Some of my posts will contain the assumption that it’s a bad thing that Trump won. For instance, this one: Struggling More With Disability In the Aftermath of the Election 

If you want to have a conversation with me about why you support Trump, or why I don’t, the place to do that is Twitter. @rsocialskills. I’m probably not going to be replying to any asks or reblogs on that topic on Tumblr.

I don’t block people for disagreeing with me, but I do sometimes block people for being mean to me. If you want to have a conversation on Twitter and are willing to engage in good faith, I’ll probably talk to you. (Assuming I have time — I am very busy these days). If you show up to shout me down or start insulting me personally, I probably won’t engage and I might block you. (Especially on Twitter).