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I’m sorry, that was not really a helpful or thoughtful response on my part. I will definitely take your comments into consideration and not overlook non-driving folks again. Thanks for the correction.

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It was a good reply in other ways, which is why I posted it. There were helpful ideas. I just wanted to add that they aren’t going to make it possible for everyone to drive.

I’m glad you’re going to be more careful about that in the future, but I don’t want you to feel like you have to shut up about this stuff just because you made a mistake on one reply to one post.

reply about driving

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I am autistic and have mental illness disabilities. Admittedly, my spatial reasoning can be a bit crap, and I don’t drive when the m illness is really bad, but I do drive. My suggestion is to find someone who is really understanding and take it slow.
Also, give yourself lots of time and space in which to practice, and see about any assistive technologies that might help you drive, be aware of hazards, navigate, etc. Learning to drive is tough but doable!
realsocialskills said:
Those are all good suggestions, but probably not a solution for everyone. Some people can’t drive. It can be hard to figure out whether someone has the kind of difficulty learning that can be overcome with good teaching, or whether someone is impaired in ways that make it unsafe for them to drive at all. Both exist.