cues for showering


I haven’t had a shower/bath in a week, because the main thing that cues me to do that is temperature. If I am too hot I will take a cold shower. If I am too cold, I will take a warm bath. If I am just right for a few weeks, as often happens in spring/autumn, then it doesn’t happen. Do you know any other cues I could use? What cues do other people use? I can’t smell myself.
realsocialskills said:
Could you use sweat and oil as a cue?
People always have skin oil and sweat to some extent, even when it’s not hot. And when you don’t shower for a while, it builds up. That makes the texture of your skin and hair hair feel different. It can be particularly noticeable at your crotch and armpits. Could you pay attention to the texture and presence of sweat, and shower when it changes?
Alternatively, what about relying on a routine? Like, showering every day or every other day regardless of apparent cues that you need to? That might be easier than trying to think about it.

creativeconflagration said:

Honest to goodness I have this problem- it’s compounded with depression. For me, I use my hair as an indicator. If my hair is greasy and lank, then I imagine it’s probably time to wash it. Can’t wash my hair without showering…so, shower time.