I’m really interested getting a degree in Social Work…but I’m wondering how much math you need in order to get a degree. I know each school is different, but wouldn’t the amount of math you need be pretty much the same? I ask this because I have an extreme fear of math. I get severe anxiety whenever I have to do even simple math in front of teachers.
realsocialskills said:
I’m not sure. Here’s what I do know:
  • In order to become a licensed clinical social worker in the US, you will need an MA as well as an undergrad degree.
  • I think once you get to the MA part, it is possible to avoid math classes
  • It probably is not possible to avoid math entirely undergrad
  • But there are often classes that count as math which aren’t particularly mathy
  • And at some schools, math classes and science classes are considered interchangeable for purposes of meeting distribution requirements
  • It’s worth looking into exactly what will be required when you’re considering schools, because it’s not the same everywhere
  • Also, many colleges have online math classes. If your anxiety is about doing math in front of teachers, that might be a good option for you

Does anyone who knows more about math phobia or social work degrees want to weigh in?