feeling safe

some replies about comfort in a new flat

dohegotthebunty said:Humidity level can be another sneaky discomfort

destroy-harime-nui said: If you had pictures or art you had displayed in your old apartment, put them up again! I’ve moved from dorm to dorm these past few years and I use my posters and art to make the room feel like home.

@snouted said: I’m neurotypical and I have struggled with this at times too. I try to set some of my stuff up in the same orientation it was - like, if I had a lamp and stuffed animals on the RIGHT of my bed, I make sure to do the same in the new place.

galacticpleasuredome said: I just had a fire at my house, so I set up my new bed with the same blankets and pillows as my last, made my favorite food, and sat in bed and watched my favorite show. also if you have friends, having them over can make a space feel like your own.

To make the place feel like your own, do something illogical to the place just because you decide to. You might move the furniture into odd positions and leave it there or put it back again, or sprinkle baking soda all over the floor and then vacuum it up again, or arrange some small objects in a pattern as decoration, or something. To feel as if you’re in charge and can do whatever you want, and that the place reflects your own individual creative thoughts.