getting better at things

co-hosting with a skilled host

pobody replied to your post “organizing fun gatherings”

why not ask one of your friends who you feel hosts better than you to co-host something together (‘wanna help me host this?’/'can i help you next time?’) and then see if something about their style works for you too

realsocialskills said:

That’s a really good idea too. And it’s true for other things too: if you want to get better at something, collaborating with someone who is already skilled can help a lot.

Another thing that can help is to watch what your friends do. You can think in concrete terms about what they’re doing and why it’s working. When you notice that something is particularly fun, there will be a reason that it’s fun and it might be a reason you can figure out.

You can also ask them about hosting and what they do that makes things fun. (But they might not actually know how they do it; a lot of people get good at things by trial and error without understanding in words how their skills work.)