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Agh, wow, this is exactly why I don’t like Tumblr (I say even though I’m using it now)! I CAN’T JUST REPLY to all the nice people who replied to my confused-emotional-rambling-that-I-thought-no-one-would-read-anyway yesterday! I’d like to say thank you and yes I like all your thoughts and you are not alone and thank you for showing me that I am not alone to EVERYONE who commented on my comment, but I’m afraid that would mean “reblogging” this at least five times.

So for RealSocialSkills, at least, I can say, oh, please don’t worry, it was a good post and obviously lots of people appreciated it as is. My problems are my problems alone and shouldn’t be anyone else’s responsibility! I think when ones heart is in the right place, even when what they do isn’t perfect, it’s not wrong. Thank you for engaging me in conversation, especially when I didn’t think anybody was reading what I was saying anyway!

Thank you for both of your replies.