Pedestals, disability, and equality

When people effusively praise people with disabilities for doing trivial things that we do every day, it can seem like they’re putting us on pedestals.

I think they’re actually putting *themselves* on pedestals.

They think that we have a human need to feel respected. They also think that we’re incapable of doing anything worthy of real respect. They believe that they are nobly twisting reality to give us what we need. They think that we need everyone to lie to us constantly, so that we will be able overselves to fill a false sense of being valued.

They put themselves on pedestals that they can look down at us. They express contempt for us and expect us to see it as a favor. This is an awful thing to do. The things we do matter (even when they are small), and we are all worthy of real respect. 

We should all meet as equals. No pedestals are needed.